Assam geography | All Exam Expected Question and Answer

1. Assam is located between which latitude?

(a) 24 N and 30° N

(b) 25° N and 38° N

(c) 24.3N and 28°N

(d) 24.6° N and 28.5° N

Answer is(c)

2. What is the longitudinal extension of Assam?

(a) 85.40E and 95.2° E

(b) 80° E and 92°E

(C) 82° E and 93°E

(d) 89.5° E and 96.1° E

Answer is(d)

3. What is the population size of Assam according to the 2011 census?

(a) 31 million

(b) 30 million

(c) 35 million

(d) 32 million

Answer is(a)

4. Which country is located in the north of Assam?

(a) Nepal

(b) Bhutan

(c) China

(d) Bangladesh

Answer is(b)

5. With which state Assam does not shares its boundary?

(a) Mizoram

(b) West Bengal

(c) Sikkim

(d) Manipur

Answer is(c)

6. How many districts are there in Barak Valley?

(a) Three

(b) Five

(c) Four

(d) One

Answer is(a)

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7.Which is the largest district in Assam?

(a) Sonitpur

(b) Goalpara

(c) Karbi Anglong

(d) Dhubri

Answer is (c)

8. Area wise, Asam stands in which number among the North-Eastern states?

(a) First

(b) Second

(c) Third

(d) Fourth

Answer is(b).

9. Physiography of Assam can be divided into how many types?

(a) Five

(b) Three

(c) Two

(d) Four 

Answer is(b)

10. What is the total area of Brahmaputra Valley?

(a) 58,412 km2

(b) 58,000 km2

(c) 58,500 km2

(d) 58,315 km2

Answer is(d)

11. What is the total area of Barak Valley?

(a) 6220 km2

(b) 6924 km2

(c) 6962 km2

(d) 6500 km2

Answer is(c)

12. Total east-west extension of Brahmaputra valley?

(a) 715 km

(b) 720 km

(C) 700 km

(d) 710 km

Answer is(b)

13. Which tributary of Brahmaputra is the largest?

(a) Jia Bharali

(b) Dhansiri

(c) Manas

(d) Subansiri

Answer is(d)

14. Karbi Plateau is the extended part of which plateau in India?

(a) Chotanagpur, Meghalaya

(b) Naga Hills

(c) Tibetan Plateau

(d) Malwa, Bundelkhand

Answer is(a)

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15. What divides Karbi Anglong into two divisions?

(a) North Cachar Hills

(b) Brahmaputra River

(c) Barak Plain

(d) Kapili River

Answer is(d)

16. The Central Karbi Plateau forms which drainage pattern?

(a) Trellis pattern

(b) Dendritic Pattern

(c) Radial Pattern

(d) None of these

Answer is(c)

17. River Brahmaputra forms which drainage pattern during winter?

(a) Braided

(b) Meandering

(c) Rectangular

(d) All of these

Answer is(a)

18. Which river separates Karbi Plateau with Naga Hills?

(a) Kapili

(b) Barak

(c) Dhansiri

(d) Daiyang

Answer is(c)

19.Hamren Plateau is a continuaous part of?

(a) Garo Hills

(b) Central Karb

(c) Khasi Hills

(d) Jaintia HillsPlateau

Answer is(d)

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20. What divides the Brahmaputra basin with Barak Basin?

(a) Karbi Plateau

(b) Naga Hills

(c) Meghalaya

(d) N.C Hills

Answer is(d)

21. Which is the highest peak of the Barail Range?

(a) Singhason

(b) Theipibung

(c) Mahadeo

(d) None of these

Answer is(b)

22. Assam falls in which climatic region?

(a) Monsoon Climate

(b) Temperate Climate

(c) Equatorial Climate

(d) Polar Climate

Answer is(a)

23. The pre-monsoon condition in Assam is known by what name?

(a) Mango Shower

(b) Kalbaishakhi

(c) Norwester

(d) Bordoichila

Answer is(d)

24. What condition prevails during winter in Assam?

(a) Wet and Humid

(b) Cold and Dry

(c) Humid and Cold

(d) All of these

Answer is(b)