Assam old History Question and Answer

Assam old History Question and Answer:-

1. The Ahoms established their last capital at

(a) Charaideo

(b) Jorhat

(c) Garhgaon

(d) Maibong

Answer is (b)

2. When Srimanta Sankardeva fled the Ahom kingdom he was given shelter by

(a) Naranaryan

(b) Kalibhomora

(c) Chilarai

(d) Rudra Singha

Answer is (a)

3. The Ahoms originally came from

(a) Maolung

(b) Arakan


(d) None of the above

Answer is (a)

4. Which historian came along with Mir Jumla?

(a) Shiabuddin Talish

(b) Ralph Fitch

(c) Malik Kafur

(d) Hieun Tsang

Answer is (a)

5. The Ahoms signed which Treaty with the Koches?

(a) Treaty of Asurar Ali

(b) Treaty of Majuli

(c) Treaty of Ghilajharighat

(d) None of the above

Answer is (b)

6. Upper Assam was annexed to British Empire in

(a) 1837

(b) 1839

(c) 1838

(d) 1857

Answer is (c)

7. The person credited with resolving the Ahom conflict is

(a) Kirtichandra

(b) Purnananda

(c) Kaliabhomora

(d) Badan Chandra

Answer is (b)

Assam History Question and Answer

8. The Revolt of 1857 in Assam was led by

(a) Maniram Dewan

(b) Harinath Phukan

(c) Purandar Singha 

(d) Kanaklata

Answer is (a)

9. Which general was deputed by AurangZeb to capture Assam?

(a) Mir Jumla

(b) Shiabuddin

(c) Danial

(d) None of the above

Answer is (a)

10. When did Sukapha, the first Ahom king, enter Assam?

(a) 1215 AD

(b) 1228 AD

(c) 1315 AD

(d) 1328 AD

Answer is (b)

11. Sukapha is said to have marched through which pass of Patkai ranges of hills?

(a) Khyber Pass

(b) Pangchu Pass

(c) Diphu Pass

(c) Bomdila

Answer is (b)

12. Who was the king of the Morans when Sukapha came to Assam?

(a) Badancha

(b) Thakumtha

(c) Maulung

(d) Burahi

Answer is (a)

13. Who was the Ahom king during the first war of Ahoms against a powerful kingdom called Kamata?

(a) Sudangpha

(b) Suteupha

(c) Sukapha

(d) Sukhangpha

Answer is (d)

14. During 1376-1380 AD, the Bar Gohain and Burha Gohain carried on the administration. Who was the next Ahom king after them?

(a) Sutupha

(b) Sukrangpha

(c) Tyaokhamti

(d) Sulikpha

Answer is (c)

Assam history Expected Question and Answer

15. Who was known as the Bamuni Raja?

(a) Sukapha

(b) Sukhrungpha

(c) Sudangpha

(d) Suteupha

Answer is (c)

16. Dihingia Raja defeated the Kacharis in 1531 AD. What is the Ahom name of Dihingia Raja?

(a) Susenpha

(b) Suhungmung

(c) Sudangpha

(d) Suteupha

Answer is (b)

17. Which Ahom king made the capital at Charguya near the Dihing River?

(a) Sukapha

(b) Sukhrungpha

(c) Sudangpha

(d) Suteupha

Answer is (c)

18. Why was Sudangpha called as 'Bamuni Raja'?

(a) He loved Brahmins

(b) He donated lands to Brahmins

(c) He was brought up in a Bramin family

(d) None of them

Answer is (c)

19. In which year did Sukapha die?

(a) 1255 AD

(b) 1268 AD

(c) 1278 AD

(d) 1288 AD

Answer is (b)