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Top Assam History, Question and Answer

Top Assam History, Question and Answer:-

1. Who was the chief of the Swaraj Party in Assam?

(a) Tarun Ram Phookan

(b) Liladhar Baruah

(c) Manik Chandra Baruah

(d) None of the Above

Answer is (a)

2. Assam was tagged with which province during colonial rule?

(a) Bengal

(b) Bihar

(c) Sylhet

(d) None of the Above

Answer is (c)

3. Assam became Chief Commissioner's Province in

(a) 1857

(b) 1836

(c) 1874

(d) 1891

Answer is (c)

4. Mahendra Nath Hazarika is associated with

(a) Mrityu Bahini

(b) Andolon Bahini

(c) Juga Bahini

(d) None the above

Answer is (a)

5. Which of the following associations was formed by Manik Chandra Barooah?

(a) Assam Independence League

(b) Assam Association

(c) Assam Sabha 

(d) None of the Above

Answer is (b)

6. A committee to implement clause 6 of the Assam Accord is being led by

(a) Justice BK Sarma

(b) Justice Ranjan Gogoi

(c) Justice PK Goswami

(d) Justice Madan B Lokur

Answer is (a)

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7. Along with the AASU, which other organization of Assam signed the Assam Accord?



(c) AGP

(d) APW

Answer is (a)

8. Which of the following cultural institutions was born out of the accord?

(a) Rock Garden

(b) Assam State Museum

(c) Srimanta Sankardev Kalashetra 

(d) Rabindra Bhawan

Answer is (c)

9. Which of the following Public Sector Units was born out of the Assam Accord?

(a) ONGC

(b) AGCL

(c) NRL


Answer is (c)

10. Which of the following is the Nodal Ministry regarding the Assam Accord?

(a) Ministry of Defence


(c) Ministry of Rural Devp

(d) Ministry of Home Affairs 

Answer is (d)

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11. Who was the Prime Minister during the signing of the Assam Accord?

(a) Indira Gandhi

(b) Deve Gowda

(c) AB Vajpayee

(d) Rajiv Gandhi

Answer is (d)

12. Which of the following clauses deals with the protection of lands in tribal belts?

(a) Clause 8

(b) Clause 11

(c) Clause 10

(d) Clause 6

Answer is (c)

13. The provision of Indian Citizenship Certificate is provided under

(a) Clause 5

(b) Clause 6

(c) Clause 7

(d) Clause 8

Answer is (d)

14. Who was the author of the book "India against Itself

(a) Dr. Hiren Gohain

(b) Dr. Mamani Roysom Goswami

(C) Homen Borgohain

(d) Dr. Sanjib Barua 

Answer is (d)

15. The Dhodar Ali is constructed during the reign of

(a) Rudra Singha

(b) Gadadhar Singha

(c) Pramatta Singha 

(d) Siva Singha

Answer is (b)

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16. The Jaysagar Tank was excavated under the reign of which of the following Kings?

(a) Rudra Singha

(b) Gadadhar Singha

(c) Siva Singha

(d) Rajeswar Singha

Answer is (a)

17. The district which was separated from Assam and was given to East Pakistan in the year1947 was_

(a) Khulna

(b) Sylhet

(c) Chittagong

(d) Sholashahar

Answer is (b)

18. In Assam, a source of hot water spring is situated in

(a) Nambor Reserve Forest

(b) Parashuram Kunda

(c) Orang Wildlife Sanctuary

(d) Manas Nationa Park

Answer is (a)

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19. Kamakhya Temple was rebuilt by which one of the following Koch King____

(a) Biswa Singha

(b) Raghu Deva

(c) Naranarayan

(d) Prananarayan

Answer is (c)

20. Kanaklata Barua became a martyr of which one of the following national movements?

(a) Non-Cooperation Movement

(b) Quit India Movement

(c) Civil Disobedience Movement

(d) Swadeshi Movement

Answer is (b)

21.The Patkai Bum range makes the boundary between____

(a) India and Bhutan

(b) India and China

(c) India and Bangladesh

(d) India and Burma9age

Answer is (d)

22. Which one of the following places is the confluence of three highly reverea pilgrimage for the Hindu, Muslim and Buddhists?

(a) Parashuram Kunda

(b) Dekiakhowa Namghar

(c) Hajo

(d) Barpetabest

Answer is (c)