Assam history in assamese

Assam History MCQ

1. Which of these sites is linked to the Sepoy Mutiny?

(a) Northbrook Gate

(b) Cotton Collegebar

(c) Malegarh Ruins

(d) Suryapahar

Answer is (c)

2. Which of these historical sites contain examples of Gupta architecture?

(a) Da Parbatia

(b) Suryapahar

(c) Madan Kamdev 

(d) Agnigarh

Answer is (a)

3. The Hayagriba Madhab Temple was built by the

(a) Varmans

(b) Ahoms

(c) Kacharis

(d) Palas

Answer is (d)

4. The final shape of the Rang Ghar was given by

(a) Rudra Singha

(b) Siva Singha

(c) Pramatta Singha

(d) Kandarpeswar Singha

Answer is (c)

5. The Namdang Stone Bridge has been built in

(a) Hanging Style

(b) Cantilever Style

(c) Arch Style

(d) None of the above

Answer is (c)

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6. Which of the following is a man-made lake?

(a) Joysagar

(b) Rang Ghar

(c) Sivadol

(d) Agnigarhboni wood

Answer is (a)

7. Maidams are shaped like

(a) Pyramids

(b) Gardens

(c) Tombs

(d) Arches

Answer is (a)

8.Which of the following sites has Hindu, Buddhist and Jain relics together?

(a) Suryapahar

(b) Malegarh

(c) Kamakhya Temple

(d) Konark

Answer is (a)

9. Madan Kamdev dates back to

(a) 9th Century

(b) 13th Century

(C) 12th Century

(d) 16th Century

Answer is (a)

10. Joysagar was constructed by Rudra Singha in memory of his

(a) Father

(b) Mother

(c) Sister

(d) Daughter

Answer is (b)

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11. The Treaty of Majuli was the outcome of which conflict?

(a) Ahom Koch

(b) Ahom Kachari

(c) Ahom Jayantia

(d) Ahom Moamaria

Answer is (a)

12. Treaty of Asurar Ali was signed in

(a) 1635

(b) 1645

(c) 1639

(d) 1649

Answer is (c)

13. The Subansiri was fixed as the boundary between the Ahom and Koch kingdoms by

(a) Treaty of Asurar Ali

(b) Treaty of Alaboi

(c) Treaty of Majuli

(d) None of the above

Answer is (c)