What is political theory?| Discuss its importance to the Study of Political Science?

Answer: Political theory is the theoretical aspect of politics when democratic from of Government emerged in the 19th century, the term politics was divided into two branches-

* (i) theoretical and 

* (ii) applied.

Sir Fredrick Pollock divided politics into Theoretical politics and practical or Applied politics. Political theory includes theory of the State, theory of Government, theory of legislation and the theory the State as an artificial person. Theoretical politics deals with the basic problems of the state without concerning, itself with the activities of any particular government or the means by which the ends of any particular state are attained. The main aim of political theory is to establish some general principles of Political Science classification of political theory David Easton had divided political theory broadly into two categories-Value theory and Casual theory. Another important Political Scientist divided it into five categories, these are

* (i) Ethical theory,
* (ii) Speculative theory,
* (iii) Sociological theory
* (iv) Legal theory and
* (v) Scientific theory.

* Political theory is not merely an expression of the chisting knowledge about politics. It may also direct the way to the acquiring of new knowledge. An important distinction is made between two types of political theories viz normative and empirical theories. The normative theory suggests the mode by which an imperfects political or social order could be made perfect.

* The empirical theory is primarily concerned with things like state structure, political process etc. as they are. The by things

* Modern political theory is growing and developing Political Scientists do not care such for traditionalism.

Modern political theory is realistic. It puts emphasis on the interdisciplinary approach.

* Modern political theory is still informative stages. At the present stage, it can not beside how such time it will take to reach its maturity. Dimensions have already been fitted but values to be attached and solutions of the problems, have yet to be done.