Distinguish between Politics and Political Science.

Ans.: Traditionally, politics is taken to mean the current political problems and issues being faced and handled by the government of the state. Politics involves all the activities actually being undertaken by the political groups and political organizations, particularly the political government.

 The traditionalists point out the following difference between Political Science and Politics.

 1. Politics means the actual behavior of politics i.e. the political activities actually taking place in society. Against it, Political Science is taken be mean that Social Science which studies state and government.

 2. Politics is concerned with the day to day actual activities of the government. Political Science seeks to study and explain the theory of the fundamental principles, origin, nature, scope and powers of the state and government.

 3. Politics is a practical activity, whereas Political Science involves an academic exercise involving the study of the state and government.

 4. Politics differs from state to state and within a state from time to time. The principles of Political Science are universal.

 5. The difference between politics and Political Science is reflected by the fact a politician can take part in politics without studying Political Science and student of Political Science may or may not take an active part in politics.

 All this clearly reflects that politics is different from Political Science. Recognizing and explaining the difference between politics and Political Science, Bluntschli has observed, "politics is an art which is related to the practical problems of state and government, as against it Political Science is the science of states".