Answer: Institutional approach focus on the study of formal institutions of politics. Government is the agency of the state lt has three organs- Legislature, Executive and judiciary. Each of these performs special functions. Legislature makes laws executive implements laws and runs the administration and judiciary interprets and applies laws to specific cases. Along with these several local government institutions, political par ties, public service commissions, Election commissions and the like are also involved in the process of government. The study of all the political institutions and organizations is therefore absolutely essential for the study of politics.The behavior of politics can be studied in terms of the powers and functions tall the political institutions. The institutional approach places key emphasis upon the study of formal institutions and organizations of politics. It seeks to study the governmental institutions in terms of their organisations, powers functions, the relations, similarities. dissimilarities, merits, demerits and positions.

Explain the Institutional Approach of Politics

 Institutional approach has been a very popular approach in Political Science.

 Both Legal and institutional approach has been suffing from law short comings.

* Narrow perspective:

  Legal institutional approach is a narrow approach is so far as it processes only on the study of law, constitution and institutions, It stands confined to the study of the legal basis and procedures of political institutions. Law covers only one aspect of politics.

* Lack of study of Environment of political institutions:

  It ignores the study of the Socioeconomic cultural environment within which the political institutions really work.

* Ignores the study of political behavior: 

  Legal Institutional approach gives little place to the study of human political behavior. All political institutions are worked by human beings and their behavior is always a determinant of their working. It ignores the role of individuals and their groups in politics.

* State is not the creation of law : 

  It wrongly conceives of state only as a legal entity- a public corporation. State is the association of people which is subject to continuous evolution and change. State is the sources of law and not a child of law.

* Ignores the study of actual process of politics:

  It gives no real importance to the study of the actual process of politics- policy making, decision making, political development the like.

 Thus, there are several limitations of the legal institutional of and approach. However this does not mean that it has no importance as an approach to the study of Political Science. No one can really study political science without studying the legal basis, organizational structures and powers of the political institutions.