Explain the Legal approach to the study of Political Science.
Answer: The legal approach advocates
the study of law, legal powers and formal governmental institutions and processes. The government of the state is a creation of law. All political institutions are organised under law. These always Work as per their legal powers, functions and positions. The state itself is a legal personality. Hence the study of state government and all other political institutions essentially requires the study of the constitution, the law and legal process of legal approach advocates the study of the constitutions, the laws and history ofevolution of political institutions in terms of their organisations and powers. Governor says State is primarily an organization for the creation and enforcement of law. Sovereignty of the state is legal supremacy and supreme power of the state. It is the soverign law-making association of every society. It has a legal personality. Its government is organised under law.

 In every state, the people governed by laws and not by person Government is an agency for making laws implementing laws and settling disputes on the basis of law. The three organs of Government legislature executive and judiciary are organised under the constitution ic. the constitutional law of the state. It is the supreme law of the land over all the people, their groups and associations and their government. Law governs the relation between the people and their government. The whole political process works under the rules laid down by the constitution and the law. As such the study of state and government can be best approached by adopting the legal approach. The study of legal processes and institutions, created by the law of the state for maintaining the political organization of society is the most essential and very useful way of studying political science. The legal approach helds that the study of the constitution (constitutional law) laws legal processes and legal powers and functions of all political institutions forms the best way to understand and theories Political Science.

 Human behaviour in politics is always regulated by law. Law provides the legal basis without which no human organization can come into being and function. The organization and powers of the government of the state rest upon the supreme law- the constitutional laws of the land, "government is a government of law and not of men" Hence the study of law and legal procedures is essential for the study of politics. It justifies faith in the adoption of legal approach.