Following are the various characteristics properties possessed by water-
What are the various characteristics properties possessed by water.

(i) Water exists as a liquid over a wide temperature range i.c. from 00 to 100°C (the melting point and boiling point respectively).

(ii) Water has a high value of specific heat. Therefore, it warms up or cool down very slowly without causing temperature shocks to the aquatic life living in it.

(iii) Its latent heat of vaporisation being high, it requires suffiCient heat energy for getting vaporised, evaporation causes cooling for this reason.

(iv) Water is an excellent solvent because of its high dielectric constant. It is, therefore, a very good carrier of nutrients including oxygen, from one part of the body to the other. On the other hand, it can dissolve various pollutants and pathogenic micro organism.

(v) Water has a high value of surface tension and cohesion due to which it can rise to great height by capillary action through the trunk to the highest branches and leaves of trees.

(vi) Water possesses the property of hydrogen bounding due to which it has an anomalous expansion behaviour i.c. it expands on freezing to ice and because lighter. Normally a liquid contract on freezing and becomes heavier. It is because of this property ice floats on water. In extreme cold season, the lakes freeze only on the surface. The water beneath the floating ice remains at higher temperature and sustain equate life.